Preventative Dentistry

Dental Hygiene

At North Randwick Dental we place an emphasis on excellent dental hygiene and the prevention of dental problems. Here, your dentist will carry out every treatment necessary to ensure that a high standard of health is not only achieved but maintained. Regular cleaning and maintenance via digital radiographs and intra-oral photographs is required to ensure the best possible level of care is sustained.

Gum Management

Gum disease is of one the most common causes of tooth loss and can be prevented through proper oral hygiene after early detection. If it is left untreated, the supporting structures surrounding your teeth can be lost, resulting in loss of teeth and function. Equally important is constant oral cancer screening, as early detection improves treatment options and prognosis.

Jaw Pain/Grinding

One of the more common modern day sources of dental pain comes from either grinding or clenching of your teeth throughout the day or night. A complete jaw examination is conducted at every check-up visit, and is required to diagnose any pending problems and allow for the provision of suitable treatments. Common complaints are headaches, sensitive teeth and worn down teeth; and can all be attributed to grinding or clenching of your teeth and jaws.